Friday, January 9, 2009

Miss Attitude

My kids have the most expressive faces. I have tons of pictures of smiles, frowns, mad faces, sad faces and blank stares. I love to capture every single one. It shows how imaginative and charming they really can be. Brooke is usually my girl of many faces and I will have to post separately on that, but I recently was shutting down the lights in the studio when Brianna came to me and said TAKE MY PICTURE. So I, of course, turned the light back on and snapped off an shot. When I finally got to see it on the computer, it took me back 3 years ago when she stood in the kitchen and gave me the same look. Gotta love it.


  1. So cute! And she looks so much like you in this picture!

  2. Adorable Stacey! Brooke is such a cutie, stinker face and all (although it looks like she's busting a smile in the most recent one!).